[ mirror mirror on the wall, who is the lonelinest of them all? ]
[ me. ]
[ i had a friend ] [ said that we are all lonely ]
[ and all life is, is trying not to be. ]
[ god is lonelier than you are ]
[ loneliness is not the problem ] [ the ridiculous, self-destructive and harmful things
we do to avoid loneliness are the problem. ]  [ we go home and listen to the tv or radio
because we can’t stand the silence. ]
[ i‘m the loneliest man alive ]
[ but i keep on dancin‘ to throw ‚em off ]
[ yeah, i would rather be alone ]
[ for when i am alone ] [ i will be better off, than I was before. ]
[ i went to the woods because i wished to see that...]
[ when I came to die, i will not discover that i had not lived.]
[ solitude will not be solitude ]
[ this loneliness won't be the death of me ]